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Special Bargain Pack
3lb Mince Steak
7/8lb Chicken Portions
5/6lb Pork Chops
5/6lb Meaty Pork Sausages
( 6 sausages to the lb)
Only £33.99
Prime Beef & Pork Roasting Pack
Approx 12/14lb
Only £3.39 lb
Special Top-Up Pack
2/2.5lb Mince Steak
3/3.5lb Pork Chops
2/2.5lb Lamb Chops
3/3.5lb Pork Sausages
2/2.5lb Diced Braising Steak
Only £34.99
Special Packs
Mixed Joints Pack
1x 3.5/4lb Prime Roasting Beef
1x 3.5/4lb Prime B/less Leg Pork
1x 3/3.5lb Leg Lamb
1x 3.5/4 Chicken
1x 3.5/4lb B/less Gammon
Only £44.99

£10 Pack
2 Chicken Breast
1 lb Mince Steak
6 Large Pork Sausages
6 Beef Burgers
Mini Roasting Pack
2/2.5lb B/less Roasting Pork
2/3lb B/less Gammon
3/3.5lb Fresh Chicken
Only £13.99
Special Chicken Pack
2/3lb B/less Skinless Chicken Breast
3/4lb Whole Chicken
2/3lb Diced Skinless Chicken
2/3lb Hot N Spicy Wings
2/3lb Table Trimmed Chicken Legs
Only £24.99