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Hog RoastsH/R Wedding PackageBBQ

(12) 65g Chicken Kebabs
(10) All Meat Chicken Kebabs
10 Minty Lamb Kebabs

Special BBQ
(10) Large Chicken Kebabs
 (24) Beef Burgers
 3lbApprox BBQ Chicken
(24) Pork Sausages 
4/5lb Chinese Style Ribs 
3lbApprox Spicy Chicken.
36 Piece BBQ Pack
(12) Large Beef Burgers
(12) Large Pork Sausages
(12) 65g Chicken Kebabs
(24) Large Homemade Beef Burgers £18.00.

Burgers Are Available in Pack of  6's 12's 18's & 24's
(6) £5 (12) £10 (18) £15

BBQ Chicken
£1.99lb (3lb packs)

Chicken Thighs
Plain,BBQ,Chinese or Hot & Spicy

10 Minty Lamb Kebabs

BBQ Pork Ribs (approx 2lb packs)

Full Racks Of Ribs

Chicken Breast
available in Plain, BBQ, Chinese or Hot & Spicy

Dry Cure Smoked Or Unsmoked Back Bacon 
1.5lb packs roughly 20 rashers
£5.50 per pack

Boneless Pork Chops
available in Plain, BBQ, Chinese or Hot & Spicy.

Pork Sausages
Approx 6 sausages to the lb
Sausage Meat
Pork Chipolatas

Jumbo BBQ Pack
20 Large Chicken Kebabs
40 BBQ Chicken (drumsticks/thighs)
36 Large Sausages
36 Large Burgers
Top Up BBQ 
(12) 65g Chicken Kebabs
(12) Large Beef burgers
3lb BBQ Chicken
(12) Large Pork Sausages
2lb BBQ Ribs
Sirloin Steaks 8-9oz £7.50 Each
Rib Eye 10-13oz £7.50 Each
Boneless Lamb Steaks 
(Plain or Minty) £7.99lb
Turkey Steaks £4.99lb
Make Your Own Burgers
Mince Beef £3.99lb
Lamb Mince 4.69lb
Mince Turkey £3.99lb
Pork Sausage Meat £2.29lb
Delivering Monday, Wednesday & Friday
BBQ Special.
24 large Homemade Burgers
24 large Homemade
Pork Sausages
Only £26.99
(Save Over £5)