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(12) 65g Chicken Kebabs
(10) All Meat Chicken Kebabs
(30) All Meat Chicken Kebabs
10 Minty Lamb Kebabs

Special BBQ
(10) Large Chicken Kebabs
 (24) Beef Burgers
 3lbApprox BBQ Chicken
(24) Pork Sausages 
4/5lb Chinese Style Ribs 
3lbApprox Spicy Chicken.
36 Piece BBQ Pack
(12) Large Beef Burgers
(12) Large Pork Sausages
(12) 65g Chicken Kebabs
(24) Large Homemade Beef Burgers £18.99

Burgers Are Available in Pack of  6's 12's 18's & 24's
(6) £5.50, (12) £11, (18) £16

BBQ Chicken
£1.99lb (3lb packs)

Chicken Thighs
Plain,BBQ,Chinese or Hot & Spicy

10 Minty Lamb Kebabs

BBQ Pork Ribs (approx 2lb packs)

Full Racks Of Ribs

Chicken Breast
available in Plain, BBQ, Chinese or Hot & Spicy

Dry Cure Smoked Or Unsmoked Back Bacon 
1.5lb packs roughly 20 rashers
£5.50 per pack

Boneless Pork Chops
available in Plain, BBQ, Chinese or Hot & Spicy.

Pork Sausages
Approx 6 sausages to the lb
Sausage Meat

Jumbo BBQ Pack
20 Large Chicken Kebabs
40 BBQ Chicken (drumsticks/thighs)
36 Large Sausages
36 Large Burgers
Top Up BBQ 
(12) 65g Chicken Kebabs
(12) Large Beef burgers
3lb BBQ Chicken
(12) Large Pork Sausages
2lb BBQ Ribs
Sirloin Steaks 8-9oz £7.50 Each
Rib Eye 10-13oz £7.50 Each
Boneless Lamb Steaks 
(Plain or Minty) £7.99lb
Turkey Steaks £4.99lb
Make Your Own Burgers
Mince Beef £4.19lb
Lamb Mince 4.99lb
Mince Turkey
Pork Sausage Meat £2.69lb
Delivering Monday, Wednesday & Friday
BBQ Special.
24 large Homemade Burgers
24 large Homemade
Pork Sausages
Only £29.99