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Special Offers
   This Weeks Special Offers
Prime Roasting Beef                                £4.39lb
Lean Mince Lamb                                   £3.59lb
Boneless Chicken Breast (Own Brand)  £3.39lb
Table Trimmed Sirlion Steaks 8/9oz  £4.29 each
Extra Meaty Sausage Meat                      £1.79lb
 Table Trimmed Pork Chops                    £1.99lb
Lean Diced Chicken (Skinless)                £3.39lb
Sliced Home Cured Gammon Ham         £3.89lb
5lb Extra Meaty Olde English Sausage   £2.49lb
(20) Large Meat balls                            £3.49pkt
Lean Diced Pork                                     £2.99lb
Chicken Portions                                     £1.09lb
Spicy Chicken Drumsticks                      £1.49lb
Lean Rindless Back Bacon                     £2.99lb
Boneless Pork Steaks                              £2.99lb
Boneless Gammon Joints                        £2.29lb
Boneless Leg Of Pork Joints                  £2.29lb
Lean Diced Braising Steak                     £4.29lb
Top Rump Steaks                                    N/A 
Chinese Style pork Ribs                          £2.29lb
5lb Extra Meaty Pork Sausages              £2.69lb
Table Trimmed Gammon Steaks             £2.79lb
Minced Beef   (Standard)                        £2.69lb
Peppered Steaks                                      N/A
Sliced Belly Pork                                    £2.69lb
Legs Of Lamb                                         £3.99lb
Lean Diced Steak n Kindey                    £3.59lb
24 Beef Burgers                                   £16.80pkt
This Weeks Special
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