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We Only Use Grade 'A' Fresh Chickens And Turkeys. All Poultry Is Cut And Packed By Our Selves.

B/less Skinless Chicken Breast
  (Own brand)  
B/less Chicken Breast (skin On)
  Own Brand  
Chicken Supremes 8/9ozSkin on  
Chicken Legs  
Bone In Chicken Breast  
Whole Fresh Chicken  
Lean Diced Chicken (Skinless)  
Chicken Drumsticks  
Chicken Thighs  
Chicken Fronts (Double Breast)  
Table Trimmed Chicken Legs  
Hot n Spicy Chicken  
Minced Chicken (Skinless)  
(10) All Meat Chicken Kebabs
(12) Small All Meat Chicken Kebabs
Chicken Bones  
Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast 
BBQ Chicken Breast
Chinese Chicken Breast 
Chicken Burgers
Rolled Turkey Breast  
Whole Turkey Crown Boneless  
Turkey Crown On The Bone  
Turkey Breast Steaks  
Minced Turkey  
Local Fresh Oven Ready Turkeys  
Dry Cure Smoked Turkey Bacon